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What do customers think of your business?

What do your customers’ think about their shopping experience with you? Do you know what makes it stand out? Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to the success of any business. If you have the right formula customer satisfaction is easy to reach. And with customer satisfaction comes customer loyalty, customers that will refer their friends and family to your store, and the more your customers enjoy their experience shopping with you the more successful your business will be.

“Customer satisfaction is critical to any business. If we aren’t able to supply the service and products our customers expect and deserve, then they will simply go to another competitor. We want to encourage repeat visits and having superior customer service is critical for that.” 
- Kathryn, The Doggie Den.

Before you can improve customer satisfaction, you have to have a gauge of how you are currently rating for customer satisfaction. Measuring customer satisfaction and getting customers to give you feedback can be tricky. “A typical business only hears from 4% of its dissatisfied customers” [Helpscout] and this can often be in the public eye, on social media. And customers who are satisfied are even less likely to give you feedback. By measuring your customer satisfaction it will help you benchmark your customer experience, identify what your customers love about your business and what your problem areas are and will help you improve that experience. This can have major benefits for your store, by “reducing your customer defection rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25% to 125%” [DestinationCRM].

How do you measure customer satisfaction? A lot of methods of getting customer feedback require customers to have the initiative to give you feedback themselves and it will often be on social media, which is visible to all of your other customers and potential customers. With this type of feedback, you will most likely only hear from those customers that have absolutely loved their experience, or their experience has unfortunately left them with a really sour taste. A customer feedback survey is the best way to find out what all of your customers think of your business, identify areas that you are doing well and where there is room for improvement.

When measuring customer satisfaction just remember A.S.K:

All of your customers have valuable feedback. Ask every customer that makes a purchase with you for customer feedback, the more feedback you can get, the more accurate your customer satisfaction rating will be.

Make giving feedback easy for your customers, so they don’t have to go out of their way. While asking for feedback over the counter can be the most direct way to ask, some customers may hesitate to tell you what they really think. It’s also near impossible to record and keep track of. Asking for your customers feedback in a more indirect way will give them a chance to give you more honest feedback.

"We hear how we are doing well to our faces, but customers could have a negative experience and not feel comfortable telling us.” - Kathryn, The Doggie Den.

Sending automated emails to your customers after they make a purchase is a good way of making sure you ask all of your customers and makes it easy for them to respond. They act as a gentle nudge, asking them to give you feedback on their experience. And as the feedback email is sent straight after purchase, the shopping experience will still be fresh in their mind.

Straightforward surveys get the best results. Keep your feedback survey simple, short and focused. Time is a big determinant on whether a customer will give you feedback. If you keep it short and sweet, they are more likely to answer your survey.

Using recognizable images like faces, stars, thumbs up/down will increase your click through rate and it is easy to understand and give feedback.

Follow up your initial question with a more specific question that helps you identify what areas of your customers’ experience affected their customer satisfaction. Areas such as wait time, customer service and quality of product have a large impact on your customers’ experiences. It’s also a good idea to give your customers an option to add comments to give you a little more information and context around their answer.

The Doggie Den uses Collect Feedback to measure customer satisfaction automatically after customers make a purchase.

"We look for the feedback comments in particular. While we can get generic responses from customers, that personal touch helps when they add a comment. It makes it easy for customers to be articulate about what they liked or disliked during their visit with us.” - Kathryn, The Doggie Den.

Keep track and measure your customer feedback. Measuring your customer satisfaction will help you identify why your customers love shopping with you and most importantly, where you can improve. Bill Gates once said: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”.

Track your feedback across your entire business to give you a greater understanding of what your customers are thinking and feeling about their experience with your brand. Collect Feedback gives you detailed reporting that helps you manage your stores and staff from anywhere to improve your business.

If you run a multi-site business, look at how your stores are performing against one-another. This will help you deliver a more consistent experience across all of your stores, building customers trust as they know they are going to get a great experience when they shop with any of your stores.

Your staff are your brand’s personality as they have direct interactions with your customers. Manage your staff members to track their performance in delivering great customer service. Which staff members are struggling? Do they need more training? Or identify which staff members are they doing well. “Credit, where credit is deserved, goes a long way to increasing staff morale.” - Kathryn, The Doggie Den.

Once, you’ve started measuring customer satisfaction. Keep asking for customer feedback to help you track improvements and uncover any issues that arise early. Keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on in your business - the more feedback the better!

With Collect Feedback you can measure customer satisfaction automatically Ask customers for feedback on their experience at your store after they make a purchase. Automatically trigger a stand-alone feedback email or add Feedback to your customer loyalty emails. It’s as easy for customers as choosing a happy or sad face and adding a reason. Track the performance of your staff and stores from anywhere to help you improve your business.

See how The Doggie Den use Collect Feedback to measure their customer satisfaction.