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Share the Love with Valentine’s Day Marketing

Valentine's Day Marketing

It’s Valentine's Day on the February 14, an important day for couples (and business owners) everywhere. Valentine's Day seems to make everyone excited. Even as I sit writing this blog in my local cafe, the barista looked at all the Valentine’s Day windows open and pictures across my computer screen and says “Ah, you're so romantic.”
With over 61% of consumers celebrating this special day, it’s important to make sure your business stands out with inventive offers and original ideas to help get your customers excited, even if it means getting a little romantic.

Did You Know? The average annual amount spent on Valentine’s Day is roughly 13.19 billion dollars?

Valentine’s Day Offers

Whether you email out offers, post on social media, use window displays, or add a banner to your eCommerce store, make sure your messaging is exciting, indulgent, and shares the love!

First, think about when you want to push out your offers. Here’s some ideas. Choose just one, or maybe do them all.

  • A couple of days before ~ An offer a few days before will attract the more organized romantic folk to come in or shop online.

  • The day before ~ To attract those last minute shoppers. They may be just as romantic, but they just might need a little encouragement and reminding.

  • On Valentine’s Day ~ Sending out a little Happy Valentines to your customers from you to show them you appreciate them is a great way to give them a little love. And if you’re a Hospitality venue, this could be the perfect way to get them to choose you as their date destination.

Then you can think about what special in-store and/or online promotions you want to offer. The Collect Valentine’s Day marketing pinterest board has plenty of ideas to ensure your marketing will go off without a hitch.

So, what makes for an effective Valentine’s Day offer? And how do you reach out to your customers? Here are some ideas:

  • Round Valentine’s Day is a great time to host competitions! Offer your customers the chance to win a special prize when the get involved sharing or tagging themselves in your social media content. Perhaps a prize of a romantic picnic basket for two!

  • Send out emails with helpful gift suggestions for their loved ones (and a sale or discount coupon code). Not only will this inspire your customers shopping, and make the present-buying process easier, it also ensures that your business is top of mind for a present buying option.
  • Leading up to Valentine’s day send out an offer to get customers shopping for their loved ones early. Something to entice them in-store, like ‘Love is in the Air ~ $10 Off Gift Packs. Pre-packed gifts are a convenient option that can make buying their special someone something nice easy.
  • Offer free gift wrapping with purchase leading up to Valentine’s Day. This is a low-cost way of encouraging your customers in-store and also offering them great service when they set foot in your business.

  • Send out an offer on the Sunday saying something like: ‘Happy Valentine’s day. Spoil Yourself with $10 Off’; or if you're hospo business, do a ‘Shout Your Valentine's Date ~ 2 for 1 Mains’ offer to encourage people to choose you as their date destination. It’s a great way to brighten your customers day and encourage them to come and visit you store and treat themselves, and their loved one!

Need some more marketing inspiration? Collect’s Valentine’s Day Pinterest board is brimming with helpful marketing ideas:

Then think about the channels. Send out your Valentine’s promotions through a few different channels to make sure to spread the word. It’s a good idea to use the same imagery and messaging across all the channels to really make an impact and ensure that your messaging remains memorable. Using multiple channels is also a good idea because it means you’re sure to reach your customers.

Email ~ An email with a quirky subject line will get high open rates and Valentine’s themed imagery will get your audience noticing your promotion and entice them to take a closer look at your products. Check out the examples Collect’s Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for inspiration.
A quick and easy way to send email offers and take care of your in-store and online coupon codes is with Collect Offers.

Social media ~ Tell your Facebook Fans, Twitter and Instagram Followers about your Valentine’s Sale and hopefully they will spread the word on social media. Also, by theming your social media, you’re ensuring all your customers and followers know that your business is prepared with suggestions and ideas to make sure their Valentine’s Day is perfect. Post lighthearted, fun messaging, which is in keeping with your business aesthetic to capture your customers’ attention.

Website and eCommerce store banner ~ Just as you theme your social media, theming your website and eCommerce store banner is an easy way to promote Valentine’s Day and your business simultaneously. It’s a great way to grab your customers’ attention while informing them about your Valentine’s offer.

Decorate windows and in-store ~ Make sure your in-store business also reflects your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Theme your window displays, signage and your merchandising during the lead up to Valentine’s Day, so you can ensure your customers are receiving a consistent shopping experience while also ensuring a lovey-dovey atmosphere while they’re shopping.

And finally, make sure to inform your staff, so they know you’re running a promotion. And remind them to be happy and perhaps ask customers who are shopping for a loved one if they have anything planned for the special day.


  • Valentine’s Day is also a great time to give your staff a little thank-you and let them know that you appreciate them. A cheerful little note or card and some sweets is sure to put a smile on their face when they arrive at work.

  • Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples! Friends and family members often get into the spirit and purchase gifts for the special people in their lives, as Vend’s Francesca Nicasio says: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance. A lot of people celebrate their affection for family and friends during this time of the year, so don’t forget to highlight those types of love as well.”

The takeaway

Not only does Valentine’s Day provide you with an excellent marketing theme, it also allows you to brighten your customers’ day with special offers. Effectively marketing Valentine’s Day is all about reaching out to your customers in a personalized and creative way.

*Stats via the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.