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5 Ways to Reward Your Staff & Encouraging Productivity

Productive staff mean a more agile and successful business - it’s what every retailer wants. But how do you ensure day-to-day that your staff are their most productive selves? And how do you incentivise this?

It’s essential that your staffs’ work efforts are recognized, and rewarding them for this is a great way to encourage consistently good performance. For a retail owner it can be hard to know what the most effective approach is to encourage your staff. Every business is unique after all!

We’ve got ideas and tips to help you tackle this challenge.

1. Sales targets

Rewarding your staff for meeting and exceeding their sales targets is a great way of tangibly recognizing the business they generate for your store. Not only does this engage them to work harder, it also ensures they put effort into each and every customer interaction.
2. Take your staff out for lunch or a morning coffee

Spending some one-on-one time with your staff is a great way to show them you appreciate them. It also helps you get a better understanding on their day-to-day working environment, and pick up on ways to improve your business. Positively reinforcing what your staff members do well can be a great way to get them feeling more invested in their role.

3. Give them freebies

I recently had a positive customer service experience when I went into a store recently to buy some jeans. After being greeted by a staff member, I was given personalised help and information about the different pants I was browsing. “These jeans are my favorite because they don’t stretch,” she told me, while another pair she gave me specific advice on how to wash them. When I asked her how she knew this she explained their boss gave them different items of clothing to try out when they get new stock. Not only is this a nice perk for retail staff,, it also helps your staff really know your products.

4. Surprise + delight your staff

Give them movie tickets (and let them finish slightly early), or an extra in-store discount, or surprise them with note cheerful note and sweet treat. Surprise little gestures and treats like this put your staff in a good mood, and lets them know you appreciate their hard work and positive attitudes.

5. Earning time off

Being flexible about rostering, when you’re able to, is a great way to recognize your staff members’ achievements. Not only does it encourage them to continue to impress you, they’ll also be more inclined to help out on short-notice when you need an extra pair of hands and a smiley face in-store.

The Takeaway

Building a great working culture is about appreciating and encouraging your staff, and enabling them to be a great advocates for your business. It really is true that your staff are the face of your business, so by creating a supportive environment that actively notices and rewards great work, not only do your staff benefit, but your customers and business does too.