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Happy Birthday Offers for Your Customers

customer birthday offers

Your customers are unique, but they have one fundamental similarity - they each have a birthday every year! Last year, 38% of marketers said their biggest challenge was improving customer acquisition and retention [TeraData]. In 2016 the phrase ‘customer service is the new marketing’ has never been truer - so take every opportunity to really wow your customers.

Celebrating your customers’ birthdays is not just great for your shoppers, it’s also a great way to show them that you really appreciate them - and a great way to let them know the significance your business places on providing a great shopping experience.

Birthday offers are especially effective because they are specific in their targeting and simple to automate (but more about that later!).

Types of Birthday Offers

So, what kinds of birthday offers do you want to give your customers? That depends on what you want to achieve and what aspects of your business you want to promote.

An in-store offer - This type of offer is very effective for attracting your birthday customers to come in-store, and by making sure they set foot in your business you can give them a great in-store experience as well as a discount. A voucher or offer is a great way to make your birthday customers feel special and unique for a day! Not to mention, it gives you or your staff a chance to say “Happy Birthday” in person.

An online coupon code - A coupon code is an easy way of sending a discount to your customers to encourage them to visit your eCommerce store and shop with you online. Plus, coupon codes are easy to redeem online.

Just a happy birthday - Opinions are quite mixed about sending your customers a happy birthday without a discount - either via email or via post. Generally sending out your customer's birthday greetings is most effective if you provide a special something along with it. But a cheerful postcard or card can be a good way to brighten your customers special day.

Sending Out Your Birthday Offers

As long as you’ve been collecting customer details, including birthdate, you can send birthday offers. There’s a few different ways. You can do it the manual way: by text, snail mail, or email. But you’ll have to keep on top of it and make it part of your daily routine so you don’t forget.

If you want to automate the process and save valuable time, use Collect Offers. You can create a set-and-forget birthday offer, sending your customers an in-store or online discount on their special day.

  • Make sure your messaging says ‘Happy Birthday’ - it may sound obvious, but it is important to ensure that your customers know what your offer is about straight away, and it gives them an incentive to open your message - “this might have a gift in it for me”
  • Keep your message simple and sweet, you want to help your customers enjoy their morning and remind them about your business in a way that isn’t too pushy.
  • If your customers come in-store have your staff greet them with ‘Happy Birthday!’ - but be wary of customers of a certain age who might want to celebrate their special day in a more subtle way!