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The Retail Holiday Season

Retail Holiday Countdown

The holiday season is here - the busy time for retailers everywhere. With extra customers and foot traffic in-store and greater demand for products and assistance, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed! But the benefits of so many shoppers in-store is more profit and more chances to connect with your customers. In celebration of the holiday season, Collect presents the Retail Holiday Countdown full of special offers, discounts, and guides to help you through the Holiday season and get your 2016 off to a good start.

Here're four ideas to help keep things running smoothly during the busy time and help keep your customers happy.

Engage your customers

During the holidays, it’s important to make sure your brand is being noticed. With shoppers actively looking for gift ideas and special treats, sending out email newsletters and posting social media updates which offer suggestions and stock updates can be a great way of capturing your shoppers’ attention while offering them some helpful advice. Consider increasing your marketing budget during the holiday season; boosting some of your advertisements on Facebook to attract new customers or increasing your email marketing frequency to reach out to current customers. With email opening rates reaching an all-time high of 50% during the holiday season [Yahoo Shopping Trends] it’s a good time to get your messaging across.

Looking for ways to engage with your customers? Find guides and product discounts in the Collect’s Retail Holiday Countdown.

Build Customer Loyalty

With staff busy with the extra workload during this time, and busy shoppers on the lookout for gifts and ideas, it’s important to keep customer loyalty at the forefront of your staffs’ mind and make sure your customers continue to be signed-up for your loyalty program, so you have their details to keep them updated about your holiday events and sales, continue to build relationships with them, and market to them in the new year. Remember to engage your customers with special offers and discounts too, so they are reminded about the benefits of being a member of your loyalty program.

Check out this Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty to create a winning Loyalty Program

Wow your customers

Giving your customers a fantastic shopping experience during the holiday period makes your business stick out in shoppers’ minds. Surprising and delighting your customers is all about the little details, and there are lots of things you can do to thrill your customers during the festive season. Sending out personalized greeting cards, offering gift wrapping, or targeted offers are all great ways to ensure that your customers have a positive interaction with your business during the holidays. It’s about making your customers feel appreciated and cared for when they shop with you. Need some inspiration? Check out some ideas to Surprise and Delight here.

Customer Service

The holiday season requires a lot of planning and additional staff resource. With an increase in both in-store and online demand, it’s important to be prepared so you can make sure that your business continues to deliver great, consistent customer service. Talking to your staff is a great way to get feedback about whether you need to roster on additional staff members, or extend your shopping hours. Head over to Collect’s Retail Holiday Countdown Day 22 and receive FlexiTime free for two months to help build your weekly roster and manage your staff.

For more helpful resources to get you through the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season and make the most of Holiday shoppers have a hunt around the Retail Holiday Countdown and find some goodies for your store.