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Best Time to Send Emails

Crafting a standout email campaign and producing newsletters which truly engage your customers is every retailer's ambition. With marketers continuing to rate email marketing as the most effective digital marketing tactic, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best return on investment for your messaging [Ascend2].

Email marketing solution GetResponse analyzed more than 20 million email messages and found that 23% of all email opens occur within the first hour after delivery. The second hour after delivery, the open rates drop by half, but there are always some lingerers who wait a couple of days before opening your emails [GetResponse]. Investing all that time and effort, you want to ensure your newsletters are going to have the most possible impact, so sending your email messages at the right time is essential!

Popular times to send
Email marketing software MailChimp analyzed more than a billion emails to quantify and narrow down key trends, indicating the very best time to send email marketing messages. They found that Tuesday and Thursday are the two most popular days to send. They also found that email opens increased after 12 pm, with 2pm and 5pm being the most active time for email opening. 

Tip: Because Tuesday and Thursday are the busiest days you might want to try testing on other days to make your messaging stand out. And send emails between 2pm to 4.45pm to improve the chance of getting your emails opened. 

Testing your emails 

Conducting tests is important for ensuring your marketing messages are the most effective they can be. A/B testing allows you to test and compare two different emails to see which one performs better, so you can compare results and make data driven decisions. Automation and scheduling messages Automated emailing makes your job as a marketer that much easier. Once you know what times you want to send out your messaging, use automation and scheduling to send out your emails at a pre-specified time, making it that much easier for you to ensure your messages will reach your customers at the right times. 

Quick Tips
  • Send out event-oriented emails, such as sales or specials, 3-5 days early to give your customers good warning.
  • Keep in mind spam filters - MailChimp have found that certain words and phrases are more likely to set of spam filters, so tread carefully when peppering your emails and subject lines with words like “free” “guarantee” “be amazed” and “call now".
  • Like all your marketing, you want to keep testing and monitoring your open rates. If you’re using an email marketing tool that allows A/B testing on subject lines, be sure to experiment. The results might surprise you!