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Three Years into the Journey

On the 1st October 2012 Brady, Matt and I officially launched rewardjunkie! NZ Ltd with the support of a small bunch of very early investors. This Thursday was our third birthday and it’s fair to say we look nothing like we did when we started, nor what we thought we’d look like. After eighteen months of working on rewardjunkie! we made the decision that the product simply wasn’t globally scalable, and our intention when we started working together was to build a global business.

So we decided to undergo a major product pivot. But all the lessons we learned we baked into a new product, including how to make a product that not only works in every country, but has a global distribution network. Hence, Collect was launched eighteen months ago, with a lot of help and support from our good friends at Vend and grew with more faith from Kounta, Shopify and MailChimp and from the world’s best cloud integrators, SMB Consultants in Sydney.

That doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped making mistakes. Mistakes are essential for the rapid growth of a lean startup. However when we look back, we’re doubling our rate of growth and maturity as a company every period i.e. what we achieved in the first twelve months, we achieved again in the six months, then again in the next three months. So we just make less and different mistakes, but they’re all part of the rapid iteration cycle.

We now have a fantastic team that we’re growing and have a business that manages to hire above it’s weight in terms of quality. We have a board that any small company in NZ would envy. And we have a business that grows globally daily with very low customer touch and therefore a low cost of acquisition. And what’s most exciting, is we have large global players now approaching us to partner with them.

So I now think I have a really good idea where the business will be and what we’ll look like in twelve months time that. But then again, I’ve thought that before. And part of why we’re doing this is the excitement you get with rapid growth and uncertainty.