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Staff Activities to do During Work

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Keeping your business ticking along smoothly day-to-day is important for every retailer. You want to keep your staff busy and get the very best out of them. On those slow days, it’s important to make sure your staff are kept busy and continuing to add value to your business. This is where your staff can start working on all those little jobs that get overlooked on those busier days.

Window displays are a great way of enticing your customers in-store and telling them a little bit about your business before they’ve even set foot in your door. Having your staff get creative with eye catching window displays is a fantastic way to keep your window displays changing and your staff busy! There’s lots of scope for the imagination when creating window displays. Begin by suggest a theme or an idea or get your staff started. Displays set up inside your store are also another great way of displaying your stock and getting your customers interested in your products.

Are any of your staff artistically inclined? A wizz with design? Invite them to get creative and draft up your menu. Having your staff more involved in your business is not just a great way to up-skill them, it also helps them feel more invested in your business. Have regular conversations with your staff about feedback they’ve received about items on the menu and any new ideas they might have.


Getting your business social can be a difficult job to juggle. This is where your staff can be an asset - running your social media, responding to questions, and posting new content. Before you get your staff logged in, take them through what kind of content you want them posting, what tone-of-voice and language you want them to use, and get them feeling comfortable responding to online questions.


Giving your staff some music options is a great way to give them some freedom to set the store mood. Make sure you guide them on the genre of music and the vibe you want to give off. For morning and evening you’ll probably alter your playlist slightly, and during the holiday season you’ll want to change it up again. Spotify offers ready made playlists for retailers and cafe owners, but make sure you have Spotify premium, there’s nothing worse than being interrupted with advertisements mid sale!

Apple Music is another great tool for setting up your retail playlist. Apple Music works by learning your music preferences so it can offer you relevant, customized suggestions, as well as a variety of playlists to choose from!

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