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Podcasts for Retailers

Podcasts are a great way to get inspired, come up with new ideas, and keep track of ways to keep your business ticking along nicely. And who doesn’t like being read to! 

As well as hosting a variety of different experts and lively discussions, you can listen to a podcast when you go for a run, drive to work, or cook dinner, making them the perfect way to catch up on the latest thinking, without neglecting important daily routines. Because we know you’re busy running your business, we’ve gathered our top retail podcasts to help you catch up on the latest news.

eCommerceFuel Podcast

Hosting a range of experts, eCommerceFuel podcasts focuses on launching and growing your eCommerce business. Host Andrew Youderian, owner of million-dollar eCommerce businesses, chats with industry experts and offers lighthearted discussion and actionable advice. Listen to eCommerceFuel Podcast

Key Episode: Offering Coupons without Killing Your Profitability

My Wife Quit her Job

Steve Chou offers useful advice on building an eCommerce business. Interviewing successful business people that bootstrapped their business with great results, Chou also draws on his own fascinating experiences. Listen to My Wife Quit her Job

Key Episode: 052: How Carole Rains Leverages Pinterest To Drive Sales To Her Rustic Furniture Store

Forever Jobless Podcast

Host Bill Murphy talks listeners through different retail and marketing dilemmas, advice and talking points. Peppered with interviews and helpful advice for tackling issues, Murphy also talks about personal development and gets you thinking like an entrepreneur. Listen to Forever Jobless Podcast

Key Episode: 159: The Daily Routine of Nathan Latka While He Attempts To Build a Billion Dollar Business

eCommerce Pulse

Leighton Taylor offers great advice and helpful tips for starting your eCommerce store. Taylor,  an entrepreneur with a background is in web design, takes listeners through every part of setting up an eCommerce business. Listen to Ecommerce Pulse

Key Episode: EP 035: Email marketing for ecommerce with John McIntyre

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield’s focus is more concentrated on info-marketing, but her podcasts still offer lots of good tips and relevant advice for retailers. From planning and management, to growth, to smart marketing processes. She also has an active Facebook page peppered with helpful tips and advice. Listen to Online marketing made easy with Amy Porterfield

Key Episode: #45: The 3 Crucial Stages of an Online Business

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Tash’s fave podcast: TED Radio Hour by NPR

TED talks are great, but I don’t always have time to listen to a full TED talk. The TED Radio Hour podcast complies a few TED talks into topics and squeezes all the good bits into an hour. It’s a great listen if you’re in the mood to get inspired, learn something new, or think about something differently. A must listen for business owners is the episode “Brand Over Brain,” - Speakers explore branding and what it means to us. Listen to Brand Over Brain

Kat’s fave podcast: TED talks

Ted talks, as their slogan suggests, really are ideas worth spreading. I love listening to Ted Talks on my way to work. It’s a great way to start the day - listening to their speakers inspirations and passions about what they do. Ted Talks have a great variety of small business tips, tricks and success stories that will broaden the way you think, inspire and often teach you something new. Listen to TED Talks

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