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Email Marketing for the Holiday Season

For retailers, holiday preparation starts early (like, now)! So it’s a great time to get thinking about your holiday marketing. This year Urban Outfitters have delivered yet another stunning seasonal email. Packed with beautiful images and delightful store picks, it feels like receiving a present! We’re taking a look at what they did right and how you can apply their lessons to creating your very own seasonal marketing newsletters.

Subject line

The subject line ‘Your special gift’ is simple and effective. Urban Outfitter’s marketers know that with the holiday season coming up, customers will be looking out for presents and thinking about making holiday plans. The word ‘gift’ implies something unique and exclusive, drawing you into wanting to read more and open their email.



And once you’ve opened up the email, it’s just so visually engaging, you want to gaze at it and explore it and share it with your friends. From the beautiful product presentation, to the newsletter layout, the styling is A++! The presentation is simple and interactive. Customers can easily click into each category and browse further if they are interested in shopping for a particular type of product. The link leads to a page on the website that is similar to the newsletter and the experience is all-round seamless.


The email categorization is also incredibly effective. They include broad categories, like ‘party’ and ‘tech’ as well as ‘for him’ and ‘for her’. Categories like this allow readers to think about who you're shopping for and their passions. Additional categories like ‘cold weather’ and ‘for the home’ make reader think about treating yourself!



As well as curating a beautiful and creative catalogue, the newsletter shows products being used during seasonal holiday activities, like camping, listening to music, partying and taking photos. They’ve explored different creative activities which utilize their products, showing their products being experienced and creating an attachment to the products.

Now, what you can take from this for your newsletter

With seasonal marketing, it’s important to consider your goals. Think carefully about the customers you’re marketing to over the holiday season and how best to capture their engagement and grow sales. Plan out your newsletters carefully to include engaging, shareable content. You could think about including photos of products with a festive flare, including product suggestions by holiday-related categories, or simply take some styling inspiration from the Urban Outfitters example.


  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email [Convince and Convert]. So make sure you make the most out of every email you send out. Fill it with relevant content that your customers can get excited about.

  • Show off a collection of your products in your email newsletter. Give your customers a little taster into the variety in your store and make them interested in coming in-store and experiencing it for themselves.

  • 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone, and subject lines with fewer than 10 characters have an open rate of 58%. So make yours short, eye catching and full of character! [Convince and Convert, & Adestra]