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Your Step-By-Step Guide to #OffersSuccess

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Offer-based marketing is a highly effective way to engage your customers and encourage them to shop again. Collect Offers allows you to segment your customer database for highly targeted and effective email offers. 

Segment your customer database based on customer data, including name, gender, birthdate, and on their purchase history, like total amount spent and last purchase date. Then, send your customers targeted and relevant email offers that get results.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create the best marketing offers to encourage customers to shop and improve your sales:

Customer database and segmentation:

Once set-up, your Offers database grows automatically as customers are added in point-of-sale and through your eCommerce store. Offers continues to sync automatically every 15 minutes to make sure your database is always up-to-date. Your Customer page provides an overview of all of your customers, showing their basic customer and transactional data. 

P.s. If you have another Collect Tool, like Loyalty or MailSync, your customer database will automatically be synced to your Offers customer page. 

Create highly targeted marketing offers by creating segments. Collect Offers allows you to customize your segments based on a large number of customer variables. The more targeted your Offers, the more relevant and effective they will be. Under your Customer tab you can create and manage your segments. 

To create a segment, simply create a customer segment name. This can be a description of what the group is, or if you like, you can be more creative. 

Then, choose the conditions for the segment. These conditions make up the rules that determine which customers are included in your segment or not included. You can choose as many conditions as you want, allowing you to create both specific and broader offers for your customers. 

Make sure you click ‘Save’. Now you can create offers for your new segment. 

#QuickStat: Open rates of segmented emails have a 51.92% higher click through rate than non-segmented emails [MailChimp]

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Create and send offers

You can create and manage your offers under your Offer page.

Simply click ‘Create an offer’

First, choose your audience. You can choose to send to your entire database or create a targeted offer by selecting to ‘Send to saved segment’.

Then complete the details of your Offer:

  1. Name your Offer: This is what your customers will see in their offer email. Make sure that the name is simple and describes what the offer is to the customer, e.g. ‘2 for 1 Umbrellas’
  2. Discount amount: Choose your discount amount. This is the discount that is applied to the sale. 
  3. Terms and Conditions: Create the terms for your offer, e.g. Online only, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  4. Expiry date: This is how long the offer will last, i.e. how long the customer will have to redeem the offer. 
You can preview your newly created offer by simply selecting the ‘Preview’ link on the top right.

#QuickTip: An offer can be a great place to show some of your store’s personality ;)

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Email Settings

Customers prefer to open emails from email addresses that they recognize. Your store’s logo appears on all of your emails that are sent to your customers. Here, if you wish, you can update your store’s email address and logo, or customize for special events and holidays.

#QuickStat: Customers who receive email marketing, such as email offers, spend 83% more [iContact]

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Store Locations

Create your offers to run across all your stores and take advantage of Apple Wallet. Make sure you add all of your store locations, by selecting ‘Add Location’.

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#QuickFact: Mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers. [eMarketer]. Apple Wallet will notify your nearby customers of offers that they have, encouraging them to shop again.

Now you know a little about Collect Offers, let’s get started to create the best offers for your business.  

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