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Staff Guide: How to Run Collect Offers In-Store.

Learning new software can be tricky, especially under time pressure at point-of-sale. This guide aims to have you ready to go and feeling confident with your store’s new Offers program. 

Bit of background - It is important to keep your customers engaged in your store and create a great customer experience to encourage customers to shop again. A successful way to engage customers is offer-based email marketing. And bonus, happy and excited customers will make your day easier and more enjoyable.

Collect Offers is an easy to customize, highly targeted offer-based marketing program that works seamless across all of your stores. Offers integrates with point-of-sale and eCommerce solutions, working behind the scenes to make serving your customers easy.

Here is a quick rundown on your store’s Offers program and how to use it.

Asking customers to join your Offers database

Who to ask:

As a general rule of thumb you should ask every customer that purchases an item from your store. These are the customers that are likely to shop with you again.

How to ask customers to join your Offers database:

Starting a casual conversation at point-of-sale is one of the best times to ask your customers to join your Offers database. You could start this conversation by using the technique of complimenting the customer, people love to talk about themselves, and by taking an interest in the customer you begin to develop a connection.

Then, as you’re putting the sale through, ask the customer to join. Make sure your customers know what the benefits of joining your Offers database are. Tell them something like - "We will send you emails with exclusive special offers and promotions that we have", and customers will be more likely to sign-up.

Adding customers:

1. Ask the customer “Are you part of our offers database?” If they are, great. If not…

2. Ask them if they would like to join your customer database, by asking for example: “Would you like to join to receive our special offers?”

3. To add a new customer to your database, all you need to is enter their details in your point-of-sale while you are putting the sale through. The more customer details that you can get the better, but all you need to get is the customer’s First and Last Name and their Email Address.

Vend adding a customer

Now the customer will automatically be added to your database, ready to receive your offers.

#QuickTip: Make sure that you apply every sale to the customer. This will mean that you collect richer customer data so you can send more targeted offers in the future.

Redeeming Offers

When a customer is redeeming an offer, it's important to make sure this interaction is positive and exciting for the customer. If the customer has a positive experience in redeeming your Offer, they will be encouraged to shop again.

Redemption process:
When you send out an offer to your customers, they receive it by email. Every offer has a unique coupon code that they can redeem in-store or online. In-store there are a couple of ways that the customer can redeem their offer:

Apple Wallet coupon consumer

Coupon Code: To redeem, simply type the code into the product bar or scan the coupon code into your point-of-sale. The discount will be applied to the sale automatically. Make sure you enter the entire coupon code and select the correct offer coupon. 

Apple Wallet: From the email, the customer has an option of downloading the coupon to their iOS device. Simply scan the coupon or enter the coupon code into the product bar. The discount will then be applied to the sale automatically. 

When the customer redeems an Offer, it is automatically removed from their account and the coupon code will become deactivated (to stop repeat offer redemptions). It will then show in the customer's Apple Wallet App as expired like this:

coupon code expired

If you are interested, take a look at how Collect Offers prevents coupon abuse.

To find out more about how Collect Offers works with your point-of-sale system, simply take the tour below:

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And that’s the basics!