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Creating a Memorable Unboxing Experience

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Unboxing products has become a Youtube phenomenon. This is a practice where happy customers film themselves un-packaging a new product and record their reaction, It often occurs when customers receive an item they’ve bought online. With the post purchase becoming increasingly important in building ongoing relationships with your customers, giving your shoppers a ‘Wow’ experience when they un-package your products is a great way to make an impact on your customers and get them talking about your products.
Brands that stand out

The brand I Love Ugly excel at creating simple and luxurious packaging that is anything but ugly! Using plain black boxes emblazoned with their simplistic symbol and minimal packaging, unboxing their products is like receiving a beautifully wrapped present every time you shop with them.
For their Air shoes, Nike packaged their products in a simple and striking way. Not only did the packaging protect the shoes as they were shipped, they also show off the shoes in a way that’s creative, sporty, and quirky, exactly like the Nike brand.

M.A.C make-up send their products packaged in little black boxes. The simplicity of their packaging is effective because it’s consistent. It instills anticipation. Because their packaging is streamlined across their different products, and also reflects their marketing style, you feel like you’re receiving consistently high quality products. 



Creating a positive unboxing experience is all about delivering an experience that exceeds your customers expectations. Creating unique packaging helps create excitement for those customers who are shopping online and gives them a memorable experience too.

When packaging your products, you want to think about the impact it’s going to have on your customers. The good news is it doesn’t have to be expensive - investing in simple packaging, ribbon, eye catching stickers, and labeling are all a great start.

  • Keep your packaging consistent - Not only does keeping to a theme help save time, but it also helps your customers easily identify your brand.
  • Go the extra mile to surprise and delight your customers. Add a handwritten note, or during the holidays, include a card. Those extra touches are a great way of getting your customers talking about your service.
  • Look at what other retailers are doing and what you find effective. Do you want to include a little surprise gift or product sample? Or do you want to use simple packaging to make an impact?
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The case of the lousy mother said...

Interesting, loved the Nike packaging. Xxx

Roy T said...

What about invoice or packing slips. I believe a lot of eCommerce owner ignore how important they are when it comes unboxing experience.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roy,
Thanks for reading!
You're right about invoices or packing slips often being overlooked, - a crumpled piece of paper with just technical information can really take the edge off a flawless unboxing experience.
Packing slips or invoices are most effective when they reflect brand voice and style. Including a greeting or a thank-you not only puts a smile on your customers faces, it also shows your shoppers that business is customer experience focused and attentive to the details.