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Tech tools and gamification for your store

retail staff organization

As a busy retailer you're juggling a million different jobs at once. While having assistants can help take the pressure off, motivating, organizing, and delegating jobs to your staff can be a challenge in itself, this is where digital tools which incorporate gamification can help you manage your business.
Using interactive tools which track progress is a great way of showing staff their sucesses and momentum, it’s also a great way to keep track of all those little tasks and jobs that your retail staff need to keep on top of during the day. 

Here’s some tools that will help get your staff powering through their responsibilities.

Trello - Like an interactive ‘To do’ list, Trello enables you to monitor multiple projects on the go by creatinge multiple boards, or lists, and moving tasks across categories. You can use Trello on a daily or weekly basis to suit the way your store operates. You might want to use different boards to remind retailers about day to day activities such as stock management, cleaning, posting social media updates, or to manage online shopping orders. Trello is also incredibly satisfying and easy to use, especially if you’ve got multiple ongoing jobs.


Evernote - This tool has an assortment of different uses, pulling together your links, lists, and notes in one place, allowing you to clip web articles, photos and other information from a variety of different sources. Evernote also includes a chat function, meaning that you can talk about your project, gain feedback and collaborate on evolving projects. Evernote works incredibly well if you want to get your staff involved in the creative side, or functionality of your business.


Loomio - Loomio is a tool which encourages interaction and collaborative decision making. Through a series of options and comment sections, users can offer feedback and thoughts on a variety of different matters. A tool like Loomio is great if you want to get your staff more involved in decision making, using a series of buttons, e.g. a green thumb up for yes, a pink thumb down for no, and a yellow sideways thumb for ambivalence, users can show their support clearly and quickly.


Clear - This app is for those who want the satisfaction of ticking off a digital ‘To do’ list, with time limits and reminders - e.g. ‘Annie Jones arriving to pick up shoe order in 10 minutes’. You can create multiple lists for different days, projects, or upcoming events. Clear is simple and easy to operate meaning your staff can feel like they're making progress by ticking off responsibilities throughout their day.


Rewarding participation and interaction

Rewarding your staff for their input and interaction is a great way to motivate them to start using your chosen tools as a part of their working day. It might take them a little while to get comfortable using apps to chart progress and mark off responsibilities, so rewarding your staff with an extra discount on instore products, a gift, a voucher, or extra time off based on task completion and based on positive results is a great way to get your staff excited in participating.