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Surprising and Delighting Your Customers

suprise and delight customers

Creating a memorable customer experience is about making your customers feel appreciated and significant. Hubspot report that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they have been treated. There are lots of little things you can do to make your customers day. From great customer service, to surprising them with a small gift, or a surprise extra is a great way to get customers talking about your business and excited to come back to you. Aiming to have every customer leave your store with a smile is a great way to keep on top of customer delight.

Here’s some ways that are sure to make your customers feel special.

Surprise extras

Adding extra touches is a great way show your customers that you're willing to make the extra effort for them. For a hospitality business, things like giving your customers some tasty biscotti with their takeaway coffee, or if your staff are artistically inclined, have them do coffee art. Giving your customers' young children a stamp or sticker is a cheap and easy way of making your customers feel appreciated. For retailers, offering gift wrapping or a free tote bag is a good way to pleasantly surprise your customers while you’re serving them. You could also occasionally throw in a surprise discount or gift for your customers.
For your eCommerce store, a surprise shipping upgrade, or free delivery can be a great way to encourage your customers to spend more.

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Customer service

Delivering great customer service is an important part of building relationships with your customers and encouraging loyalty. Delighting shoppers with friendly and helpful service, paying them compliments and wearing a smile is a good way to create a welcoming environment. Happiness is contagious, your staff should aim to have every customer leave your store with a smile. It’s a sure fire way to delight your customers and help brighten up their day. Creating positive customer experience means shoppers are more likely to return for another great experience.

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Thanking your customers

Post-purchase can be a great opportunity to wow your customers all over again. A friend who was on holiday doing some shopping told me about a great customer service experience she had, she explained that her in-store experience was fantastic because she had received one-on-one customer care, with the assistant taking an interest in her plans over the holidays. Because of her positive in-store experience she was eager to sign up to their newsletter too, including giving out the details of her address. When my friend got home from her trip and checked her mailbox, she found a thank-you postcard waiting for her from the store, the postcard was personalized, hoping that she’d enjoyed her holiday, and thinking her for her custom, it was even addressed from the staff assistant that had served her. Needless to say, my friend was talking about her new favorite shop for a long time after she’d left the building! Not only does she now shop online at that store, but she’s referred more than her fair share of friends there too.

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Top Tips
  • Remind staff to smile, make conversation and be helpful without being too pushy. Judging a customer’s mood and willingness to interact is important.
  • Have your staff always offer to help customers carry heavy parcels to your their car, it’s a courtesy that will make your customers feel cared for and appreciated.
  • When talking on the phone, make sure your staff hang up after your customer, that way you won’t ever make the mistake of cutting your customers off, or appearing brisk.
  • Little incremental changes in how your business operates is the best way of ensuring that your staff are able to implement and enact changes as part of their routine.