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Staff Guide: How to Run Your Loyalty Program In-Store

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Learning new software can be tricky, especially under time pressure at point-of-sale. This guide aims to have you ready to go and feeling confident with your store’s loyalty program.

Bit of background - Customer loyalty is essential to the growth and success of your store. Success is created from customer experience. A positive customer experience means a customer is more likely to make repeat purchases and refer their friends and family to your store. And bonus, happy customers will make your day easier and more enjoyable.

Collect Loyalty - is a customizable loyalty program that works seamless across all of your stores. Loyalty integrates with point-of-sale and eCommerce solutions, working behind the scenes to make serving customers easy.

Here's a quick rundown on your store’s loyalty program and how to use it:

Asking customers to be a part of your loyalty program:

Who to ask: 
You should ask every customer that purchases something from your store, because they're the customers who are likely to want to shop with you again. And any customer that is browsing your store for a long time.

How to ask customers to join your loyalty program: 
Starting a casual conversation at point-of-sale is one of the best times to ask a customer to join your loyalty program. You could start this conversation by using the technique of complimenting the customer. Then, as you’re putting the sale through, ask the customer to join your loyalty program. Let the customer know what your loyalty program is about. Tell them something like - "Every time you shop, you collect points which you can use to unlock rewards. And you'll receive a reward just for joining and completing your profile."

Adding customers:

To add a customer to your loyalty program, all you need to do is add their details in your point-of-sale. The more customer details that you can get the better, but for your loyalty program all you need to get is the customer’s First and Last Name and their Email address.

vend loyalty

If they sign up, be enthusiastic. Let the customer know you are glad to have them on board. That enthusiasm will rub off on them, leaving them excited about joining.

Now, simply add the new customer to the sale so they collect their points for their first purchase.

Rewarding points

Rewarding points happens automatically. To make sure customers get their points, apply every sale to the customer in your point-of-sale, by searching for them by name or mobile number, or scanning their Apple Wallet membership card. When you apply the customer to the sale, they collect 1 point for every $1 they spend and the points are automatically added to the customer’s loyalty account.

Redeeming rewards

Key points for customer interaction: When a customer is redeeming a reward, it's important to make sure this interaction is positive and rewarding for the customer. If the customer has a positive experience in redeeming the reward, they will be encouraged to shop again and collect more points to redeem the next reward and their loyalty to your store will grow.

Redemption process: Your store has set rewards that your customers are collecting points towards redeeming. When a customer collects the set number of required points, this will automatically unlock the reward. The customer will then get an email with a unique coupon code that they can redeem in-store or online.

In-store there are two ways that the customer can redeem the reward:

Add to apple wallet

Coupon Code: To redeem, simply type the code into the product bar or scan the coupon code into your point-of-sale system. 

Apple Wallet: The customer has an option of downloading the coupon to Apple Wallet to redeem. Simply type the code into the product bar or scan the coupon code into your point-of-sale system.

Make sure you type the coupon code in correctly, and select the correct reward from your point-of-sale, to ensure it is removed from the correct customer's account.

The discount will be applied to the sale automatically. Remember to apply the sale to the customer.

When a customer redeems a reward the coupon code will become deactivated (to stop repeat reward redemptions). An expired coupon looks like this in Apple Wallet:

coupon code expired

If you are interested, take a look at how Collect Loyalty prevents coupon misuse.

To find out more about how Collect Loyalty works with your point-of-sale and eCommerce platforms, simply take the tour below:


Collect + Bigcommerce / coming soon

Collect + Revel POS / coming soon

And that's the basics!