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Your Step-By-Step Guide to #LoyaltySuccess

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Take advantage of everything that Collect Loyalty has to offer with this quick step-by-step guide to setting up your new loyalty program.

1. Customize your loyalty program

Branding Settings
First step, make your loyalty program your own. Under the Customize Program tab, you can update your logo and choose a theme color, to keep your marketing in-line with your branding.

Customizing your loyalty program will put your branding front and center on all of your customer facing communications, including your online widgets, customer sign-up process, emails, reward/offer coupons and if you use Collect Loyalty, your customer portal.

To customize your loyalty program, simply go into your Customize Program tab, then update your logo and choose your brand theme colour. For the theme color, if you know your brand’s Hex color code, enter it here and if you don’t click the color text box and pick your color.

Email Settings

You can decide what emails you would like to send to your customers automatically. Choose to send your customers emails notifying them of their updated points balance and notifying them of their unlocked rewards by selecting ‘ON’.

By keeping customers informed, they will feel excited about their points balance and getting close to unlocking rewards, encouraging them to shop again.

People prefer to open emails from email addresses that they recognize. Your email address has been pre-set for you under ‘Sender settings’. The customer will see your store’s name as the ‘sender’.

Your store’s logo appears on all of your emails that are sent to your customers. If you wish, you can update your store’s logo or customize your loyalty program logo for special events or holidays.

QuickStat: 94% of loyalty program members want to receive communications from the loyalty programs they participate in [Tecmark].

2. Set your Complete Profile Bonus
Your Complete Profile Bonus encourages customers to add their mobile number, gender, birthday to their customer profile, giving you more customer data. Customers are incentivized through a discount (of your choosing) to fill in their details in order to claim the reward.

When a customer signs up at point-of-sale or online, once the sale is completed, they will automatically receive their first points balance email, encouraging them to check out your rewards. And they'll see a banner with your Complete Profile Bonus every time they check their points balance and rewards until they have completed their profile.

To set your Complete Profile Bonus, simply choose the value ($) amount that you want to reward your new loyalty member off their next purchase. This not only encourages customers to complete their profile, but it also creates loyalty program engagement and encourages a second purchase.

#QuickStat: 48% of customers say that the most critical time to gain their loyalty is when they make their first purchase [Tecmark].

2. Create Loyalty Rewards:
Creating customized rewards for your customers is easy. Simply give your reward a title, a discount amount ($) and set the number of points required to unlock your reward.

You can create as many rewards as you want. Creating rewards at different points levels is a cool way to incentivize your customers to shop again and collect more points, to earn enough points for the bigger rewards.

Measuring your rewards’ success is easy. All of the claimed and redeemed rewards are recorded, allowing you to keep track of what rewards are successful.

Create rewards computer screen

#QuickTip: Add rewards at different points levels to create a reward ladder and encourage customers to spend more to get to different levels.

4. Add Store Locations:

Create your loyalty program to run across all your stores and take advantage of Apple Wallet.

Your first store is already listed as part of the sign up process. If you have connected your eCommerce store it will also be shown here.

To add more store locations, simply select ‘Add Location’ and add details of the stores that you wish to include in your loyalty program.

Store location computer screen

Quick Tip: Apple Wallet is location aware, so it notifies your nearby customers of rewards that they have, encouraging them to shop again. Make sure you include all of your stores to benefit from Apple Wallet.

5. Create a Referral Program:
Friend referrals is one of the most effective ways to gain new customers. Consumers are more likely to listen and act on friend suggestions than any other form of marketing.

Customers can refer their friends straight from their customer emails and customer portal through Facebook, Twitter, and email. 


The messages are all pre-populated to make it extra easy for customers to share with their friends with minimal effort.
Encourage friend referrals by rewarding your customers points for every friend that they refer. Simply choose the number of points you would like to reward your customers for each successful friend referral. Customers are only rewarded their points once the friend makes their first purchase.

Referral program computer screen

#QuickStat: Loyalty program members are 70% more likely to be word-of-mouth champions (defined as those who are “actively recommending” a product, service or brand) than the general population” [MarketingCharts].

6. Customers:
Under the customer tab, is a list of all of your loyalty program members. You can choose to filter by ‘name’, ‘email’ or ‘points balance’, or search for a particular customer in the search bar. Here, you can dive into your customers' activity. Click into a particular customer and see their activities, adjust their points balance, or edit their details.

Once you are all set up, try it for yourself and test out all the awesomeness.

But lastly, your staff are essential to the success of your program. On average, customer retention rates are 18% higher when employees are highly engaged in the retention program according to [Cvent's survey].

Your staff embody the personality of your store. They create impressions and have the most interaction with your customers. Your staff are responsible for customer sign-up, awarding points, and ensuring customers feel good about redeeming rewards. So it’s really important to train your staff on in-store operations of your loyalty program to ensure its success. Check out helpful resources to help train your staff to operate your loyalty program.

Now lets get cracking and create a loyalty program that you, your staff and your customers will love.