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Marketing Offers for Your Retail Store

Offering promotions and sales is a great way to get your customers shopping in-store and online, increasing your sales and revenue. It’s also a great way to announce new stock,
move old stock, and introduce your customers to a wide variety of your products and get them hooked on your store.

Offer ideas

There’s lots of different types of sales or offers you might want to create to get your customers excited to come and visit your store. First think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to move stock? Promote new items? Or maybe you want to introduce your customers to a new range of products? Here’s some ideas.

New stock just arrived - If you want to generate some interest around new stock and products, you might want to consider having a ‘new arrivals special’. You could offer a flash discount, or how about ‘buy something new, and get 20% off something else in-store’.

One of my personal favourites is ‘Exclusive VIP early access to new arrivals’. Offering your top customers a small discount on new stock, maybe 10%, is a great way to let VIPs know you appreciate them. Plus the exclusivity and early access adds urgency, increasing the likelihood they’ll take you up on your offer.

Exclusive $10 off - 
Surprising your customers with a discount is a good way to get them excited about coming to visit your store. Doing this when you have new stock, or if you want send out a discount to customers you haven’t seen in a while, is a good way to increase foot traffic in-store.

I like $ off discounts because it gives the customer the freedom to choose what they want and encourages them to spend at the same time. A handy little tip is to choose a discount amount that is likely to encourage further spending, like $10 off when you spend over $50.

2 for 1 - 
Sometimes called ‘price bundling’, this type of promotion is great when you want to make way for some new stock and get your customers making multiple purchases. By offering multiple items for the price of one, you are offering a great discount and simultaneously inspiring your customers to make multiple purchases.

Segmenting your promotions

Segmenting your promotions is a great way of accurately targeting your customers and ensuring that you send out relevant offers. People are more likely to respond to what’s relevant to them, and segmentation gives your offers more accuracy, giving you a step ahead of your competitors.

Here’s some different segmentation options for you to try:

Gender - 
Segmenting by gender is a good way to accurately target your customers with products and items that best suit their interests. Gender is a good segmentation option for clothing stores because stock can be specific to men and women. Perhaps you want to run a promotion on all dresses and target your female shoppers. Or say, you want to move some stock, like men’s wallets and target your male shoppers.

VIP - 
Sending promotional offers to your top customers is a great way to get your loyal customers to keep shopping and make them feel like they are getting an exclusive offer. Segmenting your customers based on their past total spending is a quick way to pick out your VIPs.

Recently visited - 
Targeting customers who have recently visited can be a good way to get them hooked on your store. They’ve shopped recently, so they may have seen something in-store that they were umming-and-ahhing about, and this offer could be the thing that prompts them to come back and buy it.

Haven’t seen in a while - 
This is a good way to remind your customers to come back and visit you if it’s been awhile since they’ve last shopped. Give them a little nudge to rediscover exactly what they love about your business with a surprise offer.

Age - Segmenting your customers by their age, using their birthdate, is a great way of making sure your offers are relevant and will be something that really appeals to them. If you have a product that you find appeals to a specific age range, you could push out an offer to that age segment.

Creating offers

Creating offers is easy with a tool like Collect Offers. Using Collect Offers you can grow your customer database, segment your audience and create and send targeted email offers. Plus, customers can add the offers to Apple Wallet, which means when they are nearby your store, they’ll get a notification reminding them of their coupon and encouraging them to come in and shop.

Top tip - Add Terms and Conditions to your offers to encourage fair use, achieve more sales or achieve a specific goal, like increasing sales in-store or online, check out these helpful Terms and Conditions.