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Event Based Marketing: Retail Edition

Retail marketing

Stuck for some creative ideas to brighten up your store? Every month there are a multitude of quirky official days to take inspiration from. Did you know for example, the 17th of September is International Country Music day? While the 5th of December is the International Ninja day - hiya!
Think about all the different marketing possibilities and fun you can have working with a theme. Getting your staff involved and coming up with ideas is a great way inspire everyone to get creative and enthusiastic in their involvement. Take the opportunity to celebrate days which are different and fun as well as the big seasonal events.

Ideas for in-store

Think about the little things you can do differently to change up your service and delight your customers. Take a look at our events calendar here for inspiration. You will want to think about your theme and how you can embrace its fun, while also promoting your business. 

Here’s some ideas to get you started:
  • July 1st International Joke day: Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants? In case they get a hole in one! International Joke day is a good opportunity to embrace your goofy side. Write jokes on your outdoor chalkboard, and make sure you get your customers to Tweet or Facebook you their favorite joke. 
  • October 6th Mad Hatter day: The Mad Hatter is the name of an Alice in Wonderland character who is always acting absurdly. Celebrate this day with quirky attire for your staff, and for a hospo business, you could re-name some of your menu specials and hand out different hats for your customers to wear when you welcome them in-store. And don’t forget to take photos to put on your social pages!
  • July 29th Lipstick day: Celebrate something like lipstick day by throwing in a complementary lipstick for your customers, or discount stock with kisses on price tags. Make sure your staff greet your customers with “Happy lipstick day!” so they know what’s happening in your store.
  • March Craft month: A craft month is a great theme for small businesses with a creative flair. You could kick of a series of craft nights - Inviting customers to learn a new skill, or give out origami animals, or unique packaging with each purchase. Don’t forget to make your store look crafty too, put up bunting, and organize a display that reflects this theme too.

Ideas for online

When creating an event in-store extend your planning to your social channels too. A quirky and diverse social media profile is a great way to entice customers to explore your brick-and-mortar store. Pull together some of your stock that suits your event's theme for a cute photo op. These kinds of social media posts are effective because it shares a variety of your great stock with your customers, while also injecting character into your social pages. New Zealand-based business Matchbox Gallery are a great example of this, they take a theme and photograph their stock in a way that’s visually appealing sharable. The result makes them appealing and fun.

A fun social media idea is to invite your customers to guess what your theme will be using cryptic clues and hints. If your leading up to a special occasion, peak interest by dropping hints and clues. It’s a good way to get customers interested and guessing what you’ve got planned. Make sure you email out to your customers and let them know about what special event you’ve got planned, full of images and appeal.

online marketing for retailersonline marketing for retailers

  • Take lots of photos - It’s a great way to market your business and its culture to your customers, and share them across your social channels too. 
  • Ask your staff about customers’ reactions - What worked and what didn’t and make a note of what you’ll want to adjust next time.
  • Find out what your lowest traffic day is and choose that day to celebrate a quirky event. It’s a good way to increase your sales and create interest.
  • Get your customers sharing - Maybe offer a small in-store discount if they tag your business in a post and share their photos.
Are then any unique days that your business celebrates? Tell us in the comments below!