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Creating an Awesome Email Newsletter


Creating an awesome email newsletter that will engage your customers and strengthen relationships can be tough work! But it’s also a great way to get creative about sharing your brand with your customers and enticing them back into your store.

What should you put in it?

You want to think about your brand and what makes you stand out. What makes you different? Is it your cool stock? Your creative staff personalities? Or shop theme? Whatever it is that makes your brand unique! If you own a health food shop, your newsletter could feature recipes, interesting health news, new product releases, and special offers. Or if you operate a fashion boutique, you will want to instil a sense of luxury and style in your newsletters. You can communicate this subtly via font, wording, visual elements, new stock updates, or fashion and style news. XYNZ is a New Zealand based lifestyle website with an awesome weekly newsletter. Every week they feature a brief roundup of fashion and tech new releases, lots of pictures, and awesome product and fashion news. XYNZ’s newsletter works well because it delivers a little slice of their style into your inbox every week.

Planning it out

You want to use your newsletter to help maintain regular contact with your customers, so it’s important to ensure that you’re sending it out regularly. How often you should send out emails is not an exact science. MailChimp has found that sending emails 2-4 times a month works effectively, but you might want to experiment with what works best for you. You might also want to send additional emails to update your customers if you have flash sales, like this eye-catching example from Swonderful Boutique.

Or update them with seasonal news, or exciting new stock to share. You want to keep your customers engaged in what is happening in your store.

Urban Outfitters regularly send out updates about relevant or suggested products, such as boots at Wintertime, themed cards around Valentine's day, and Holiday jumpers. They’re a good example of how effective grabbing onto an idea or theme can be. They always make their newsletters feel really fun and interesting for their recipients. Themed newsletters can also be an easy way of planning out newsletters in advance and pre-organizing content.

Getting it together

Once you’ve decided what content you want to include and know how regularly you want to send out your emails, you’ll want to think about creating a place to keep all your email marketing ideas, plans, and themes. Like many things, the best ideas arrive when you least expect them, so make sure you can easily jot down your inspirations and ideas so you can refer to them later. Check out our Pinterest board we’ve created for inspiring retail email ideas.

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got the right email marketing tool to distribute your newsletter. There are lots of great tools that enable you to create awesome, visual, and shareable newsletters that reflect your brand aesthetic.

MailChimp - Send Better Email. Easily design and send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns.

Campaign Monitor - Elegantly simple email marketing. Campaign Monitor makes it radically easy to create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns.

iContact - Email marketing solution. Create, send and track your email newsletters. Easy-to-use application and all the features your small business needs, from workflow automation to customizable landing pages.

Remember, keep testing your content and keep good records of what works effectively, so you can finesse the formula and make sure your newsletters are going to the right people. And finally, don’t feel too overwhelmed, you’ll get more comfortable and confident the more you do it, practice makes perfect!

Need some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for inspiring retail email ideas, or these email marketing do’s and don’ts.