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Can Customers Find Your Business?

Recent research has shown that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, whether it be on a smartphone, or computer search [Market Exchange]. The days of manually flipping through a business directory and finding your way around with a road map seem like a distant memory. Technology has changed the way we seek directions to a specific location and how consumers search and find your business.

Customers are more active in searching for retail stores, restaurants and cafes. With 45% of mobile searches being goal-oriented and conducted to help make decisions. Making it as important as ever to optimize your location online so potential customers can find your business over competing stores, giving you competitive advantage. By oincluding your store's information and locations, customers that are looking for a product that you sell, will now have the ability to search for and find your store. Not only will they have the information to help them find your store, but optimizing for location means you’ll rank higher in search engines for local searches. So nearby shoppers find your store over and above the competition. Research shows that after doing a local search for businesses online, 84% of users took action; 51% visited the business, 47% visited the business website, and 47% of users got directions for the location of the business.

There are lots of websites that you can utilize to optimize your store's location. We recommend using Google Business and Facebook for Business.

Google Business

Google Business aims to improve your search functions, allowing customers to find your business easily, with key details like your business name, address, opening hours, a link to your website address, and directions on Google Maps. Not only do you get the advantage of the seamless integration with Google Maps and also Google+, but Google will rank you higher in search engine results too, helping new customers find you.

Facebook for Business

Facebook business pages gives your business a voice and creates connections to target markets on a personal level. Facebook boosts your customer search ability both in search engines and also within Facebook itself. Creating a company page is free, easy to set-up and easily customizable with your company logos, website, address, contact numbers, your store hours and also the ability to add images of your business and products.

If you need some extra help, here is an awesome step-by-step guide that includes screenshots for Google business and Facebook for Business by the Search Engine Journal.

As well as optimizing for location, making sure that customers can find you on their smartphone device is a key. Consumers are increasingly engaged with technology, and in particular smartphones. Next time you’re on the bus or walking down the street, look at all the people staring down at their smart phone. Everyone is a little ‘lost’ without their smartphone. It is a constant reference about where you are going, how far away you are from the destination and creates a path for people to follow. So optimizing your website for mobile is a must do. In fact, 46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a website that they couldn’t access from their phone and 35% would visit a competitor's website instead.

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