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Apple Wallet - Keeping up with Consumer Technology

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Consumer technology is moving fast, and retailers are faced with the exciting (and a little bit terrifying) challenge of keeping up. After all, if your store doesn’t keep up, you risk being forgotten about in today’s mobile and social world.

Apple Wallet is one such emerging consumer technology that is just screaming out for retailers to take advantage of it. Consumers use Apple Wallet to keep their coupons, loyalty cards, boarding passes, movie tickets, and more in one place on their iOS device. A few of the big guys have seen the opportunity, with Kohl's, Walgreens, Subway, McDonald's, Disney and Dunkin' Donuts already benefiting from being on Apple Wallet.

So what’s all the fuss about Apple Wallet? It’s a win-win for consumers and retailers alike.
  • Consumer adoption 
  • The Apple Wallet App comes pre-installed in every iPhone 6 and iPad. So with the rate of the iPhone’s rapid sales, widespread consumer adoption is inevitable. It makes consumers’ lives easier. They no longer have the burden of carrying around loyalty cards and printed coupons and they’re reminded when they are nearby the store if they have a coupon available. Not to mention, it’s also at the ready on their lock screen when they enter the store.
  • It’s a retail marketer's tech dream
  • Apple Wallet is location aware. Now when a customer with your store added to Apple Wallet is nearby, it’s possible to send a notification directly to their iPhone to remind them of any coupons they have at your store, encouraging them to visit again and shop with you.
  • It’s super easy for staff
  • Staff simply scan the Apple Wallet coupon code into point-of-sale from the customer's iPhone. It’s as easy as that.

Stores of all shapes and sizes can now reap the benefits of Apple Wallet, without the expense. The Collect suite of marketing tools makes Apple Wallet accessible to every retail and hospitality store. Collect’s Loyalty, Offers, and Automation all have built-in Apple Wallet integration. And best of all, because it’s built-in, there’s no installation or coding required.

You can learn more about how Apple Wallet could work in your store here.