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The Crowdfunding experience - Half way through

Lots of people talk about the crowd funding experience after they’ve completed the round (or not at all if they don’t succeed!) but I thought I would talk about the experience while we’re still in the middle of it. Then I can compare how I was feeling at the time versus how I feel at the end.

After the first fours days we’d already reached our minimum threshold and are kicking on from there. It’s been a really interesting exercise and like with anything that you want to be successful preparation is the key.

You need make sure you have:
  • a solid Investment Memorandum (IM), which proof-read over and over again to ensure no mistakes 
  • a good PR company like Blackland PR, with a series of releases ready to go before, on launch and during the round 
  • n up-to-date website where anything quoted is the same as what’s in the IM
  • blogs to support what you’re doing 
  • a social media communications strategy and networks to repost your content to extend the reach 
  • an email template that you and all your staff can send out to key contacts to either get them to invest or pass onto people who may be interested 
  • and last but definitely not least a video from the founder(s) talking about why they think this is a good investment opportunity and introducing investors that have never met you to the personality of the business. The guys at 90 Seconds TV did a great job of ours. 
We also built a landing page - to funnel all interest through with customers testimonials and access to the video.

But the work doesn’t stop once the round has opened. I’ve just returned from a round of meetings with investment advisors in Auckland and have more next week. I’m still tapping my networks to get people across the line. These range from friends who have been following the business from the beginning and believe in the team through to large high net worth individuals who are looking to invest larger amounts and need more information and updates on the business.

One of the great things about using a platform like Crowdcube, managed by Armillary Private Capital is if you have any updates or general questions you can post them on the platform ensuring transparency of information for all.

At this stage of the raising it’s all about momentum, and keeping the momentum going until the round is maxed out which for us is looking good from early indications.