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Getting Your Business Social: Facebook and Instagram

Social media for retailers

Social media is a great tool for marketing your business. With so many businesses (and customers) online, the trick is making your business stand out. By creating engaging, useful content and interacting with your customers in real-time customer, you can create a strong social presence for your business.


Instagram is a fantastic way to tell the story of your brand and share visual updates quickly. Forrester have found that Instagram now ranks as the highest social network for brand engagement, giving your business the perfect opportunity to visually express the personality of your business.

Chaos and Harmony are a great example of a business that have mastered Instagram. They use images which reflect the design aesthetic of their shop, while simultaneously promoting their products and culture. Browsing through their Instagram, you're updated about their new stock, sales, and competitions.

Madame Fancy Pants are another great example of an Instagram savvy retailer. Using a mixture of stock photos and candid pics, quotes, and promotional content, their Instagram feed is fun, varied, and full of personality. Their content reminds customers exactly what they love about the Madame Fancy Pants brand.

Top Instagram tips

  • 88% of brand posts include at least one hashtag - Make your content easy to find by including relevant hashtags. Remember, don’t overload your posts, 91% of posts by top brands have seven or fewer hashtags [Simply Measured].
  • Posts tagged with a location receive 79% higher engagement - When relevant, include location tags on your image, it makes your posts more relevant and means followers can search via location to find your business [Simply Measured].
  • On average, posts that include another user handle in the caption generate 56% higher engagement - Tagging other Instagram users is a great way to spread your content further, it’s important to make sure you only tag when it’s relevant, you don’t want to be seen as spam.

Facebook is still an incredibly popular and helpful tool for expanding your shop’s profile and building customer engagement. There’s lots of cool, smart things business can do to make their Facebook page a great marketing resource.

United Sweets are a fantastic example of a business that have made their Facebook page effective and fun for their customers, they run regular social competitions, post funny content, and also include helpful information such as their contact details. United Sweets also have a “shop now” link that takes you directly to their online shopping page. Scrolling down their Facebook page, they have links to sign up to their loyalty program, links to their Instagram feed, and even a place where sweet-tooth shoppers can suggest a product for them to stock.

Ecostore really make best use of their Facebook presence, they post regular blog updates on their site, promotions, and include links to their other social media sites. Ecostore engage their customers by posting content that’s relevant to their shoppers.

Top Facebook tips
  • Run regular promotions - Promotions and competitions are a great way of incentivizing likes for your social media pages. It’s also a great way to get your customers sharing your content.
  • Display your contact details - Adding your shop location to your pages lets your customers know exactly where to find you. Adding your number, opening hours and website links makes it that bit easier for your customers to get in touch.
  • Keep posting - You want to make sure you're updating your Facebook page at least once a week to let your customers know what's new in your shop. It’s a great way to keep them thinking about your business, and keep their engagement consistent.