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Email Marketing Dos and Don'ts

Sending out email newsletters to your customers is a great way of staying in touch, building customer relationships and creating great targeted messaging. With so many mailing out options to choose from, it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. 

Here’s our top Do’s and Don’ts for getting started with your email marketing.

Do keep testing - Keep track of your email open rates, learn what does and doesn’t work, and really finesse the art of email marketing.

Don’t look spammy - Avoid subject lines with lots of capitals, special characters, exclamation marks, words like “bargain” and phrases like “100% free”, content like this can easily trigger spam filters and is less likely to appeal to your customers.

Do personalize your messages - You can easily insert your customers’ names into the email body and subject lines with merge tags, this helps make your messaging more relevant and personalized.

Don’t send to a stale list - Don’t email out to a list that you haven’t contacted for months. When you collect customers’ email addresses, start using them right away when your customers are expecting to receive messaging from you.

Do double check your messages - Store owners are always busy, but it's important to take an extra moment to double check your messages to make sure the grammar is on point and your messages say exactly what you want them to.

Do enable social sharing buttons - Not only to they allow your customers to share and refer your messaging to their friends, they increase click-through rates by a whopping 158% [Social Fresh].

  • Tip We've also come up with an email marketing infographic here to help get you inspired