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Creating Engaging Email Subject Lines

Email marketing

Crafting effective email subject lines is a great way to get your shoppers attention, with the best subject lines being short, clear, and inviting to your customers. 63% of people say they open emails based on the subject line alone, so you want to make sure yours are spot on [Mark the Marketer]. When you sit down to write subject lines for your messages there are lots of things you need to consider before clicking the send button. Here’s a checklist to keep your subject lines spot on and not triggering the spam filter.

Word choice 

Choosing certain words and phrases can drastically improve your open rates. MailChimp have found that some words and phrases are more likely to set off spam filters, words like “free”, “guarantee”, “be amazed” and “call now”.

Careful with capitals and symbols

All caps subject lines can not only trigger spam filters but also look unprofessional. Excessive use of exclamation “!!!!!”, question marks “???” and other symbols “$#&@” risk appearing untidy and notifying spam filters.

Word count 

Subject lines using 6 - 10 words is ideal, yielding the highest email open rates at 21% [Retention Science]. The main thing to remember is to keep your subject line clear and easy to understand.

Check everything

Before you send your emails make sure you give them an extra glance over to check that your messages are error free and won't set off the spam filter. Once they’re out in the world, you can’t make any changes!

And finally…. 

Keep testing 

Like all your marketing, you want to keep testing and monitor your results. It’s about discovering what works for you and your customers and learning what builds strong engagement. So pay attention to your open rates, and if you’re using a tool that allows A/B testing on subject lines be sure to experiment, the results might surprise you!