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Choosing Your Retail Music Playlist

choose retail music for your store

Choosing music for your retail store can be a challenge; you want to find music that suits your brand, makes your customers feel welcome and doesn’t annoy your staff! Customers have been proven to shop longer and purchase more when there’s background music playing, while low-tempo music has been found to cause shoppers to move slower and buy more. Here are 5 pointers for managing music for your store.
1 - Mix it up - Give your staff and customers a bit of musical variety and make sure you have a good selection of tunes for your staff to pick from. A good soundtrack is a great way to make your shop feel warm and welcoming.

2 - Strike a balance with the volume - Unless you want to create the atmosphere of a rave venue, you want to be able to hear your customers. You want your soundtrack to be loud enough that your customers can hear your playlist, but not too loud they feel deafened or stressed. Some youth clothing stores turn up the music very loud to act as a deterrent for older shoppers, but unless you're targeting the under 25’s specifically, you'll want to use music and a volume that widely appeals.

3 - Have the right amount - You don’t want your playlist to end when your staff are mid-transaction. Make sure you’ve got enough music for staff not to keep having to change and adjusting the music.

4 - Pick the right genre - You want to ensure that your music genre reflects your business. If you sell sophisticated products think about what kind of environment you want to create for your customers. It’s about creating the right environment for your customers to best enjoy browsing and purchasing your products and creating an authentic atmosphere.

5 - Get creative - With technology like Apple Music you can create music playlists easily. Think about including playlist links in your email newsletters, or inviting your staff to pick a couple of suitable background songs every week.