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Email Marketing for Retailers - What You Need to Know

When it comes to return on investment for customer engagement, email is one of your best options. It offers you the opportunity to maintain your database, support customer relationships, and share awesome content all at once. Email also gives you the ability to segment your database and send your customers relevant content that stimulates their interests and reminds them what they really love about your business. Here's 5 ways to collect your email marketing database.

There’s lots of different ways to gather your customer database, and most customers are happy to give their details if they’re receiving something in exchange. So, make sure you let them know what they’re going to get - whether it’s awesome competitions, sales, special offers, or loyalty points. 

5 ways to collect a database:
  1. In-store (point-of-sale): This is a fantastic opportunity to gain customer data, and let them know about your newsletter, or loyalty program while they’re buying in-store.

  2. Online (eCommerce): When your customers are shopping or interacting with your online store, make sure you have a way to gather their details, but make sure your let them know why first. Customers are more likely to give their contact details in exchange for something e.g. awesome prizes and interesting content.

  3. Newsletter Subscription: Make sure you tell your customers about your newsletter, and all the exciting things it includes, and what they’ll love it!

  4. Social competitions & sign ups: When you run a competition on your social media pages, or publicize online competitions, make sure you're also expanding your database simultaneously by asking for customer info.

  5. Loyalty program: When your customers sign up for your loyalty program, make sure you collect some useful data, so you can offer them the rewards that they will love
While it’s important to grow your customer database, it’s most important to improve the quality of relationships you have with your existing customers, so make sure you’ve got your regulars' data as well as your new customers. Your loyal customers love hearing from you. They are 70% more likely to share your business, and are 60-70% more likely to buy from you! (Marketing Metrics).