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How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Business

Facebook is used by millions of businesses around the world. Read more to learn how you can utilize Facebook to support your store, grow awareness, promote your brand, and build customer revenue.

You’re probably familiar with Facebook. That little blue logo that pops up everywhere and hosts your friend’s latest baby photos and political opinions. Facebook is used globally by over 1.35 billion active users monthly, with 42% of marketers reporting that Facebook is important or critical to their business. While that might feel like a lot of digital competition, it’s also an indicator of how effective Facebook marketing can be. The key to making your business page stand out and generate interest, is to market your brand intelligently and creatively.

Your brand

Your Facebook page is best utilized to support and promote your brand identity. Maybe you have a funky clothing boutique with vintage style aesthetics? Why not introduce your in-store team with fun facts and photos? Or say you’re a retailer who locally designs and manufactures woollen goods, why not feature a link to the farm where you source your wool? It's a great way to create brand familiarity, tell your story, and share the authenticity of your brand.

Engaging with your audience and building awareness

How do you learn about your in-store customers? You ask questions. The same is true on social media. Questions invite conversation and are a great way of engaging your audience and learning more about your key demographics. Kissmetrics statistics tell us that question posts get a whopping 100% more comments than standard written posts. Posting questions with accompanying eye-catching photographs can an effective way of engaging your target audience, e.g: “Do you prefer your brogues in brown or black?” or “What’s your worst fashion faux pas?” Questions stimulate interest in your page, and more importantly, your brand.

Sales and foot traffic: tangible results

While building awareness is a win for your brand, like any business, you want to increase sales. You probably notice these headlines when browsing Facebook: “free song download here” or “share to win”. This is how brands incentivize through their Facebook pages and encourage sales.

Maybe you offer those who “like” a post a 10% in-store discount? Or maybe people get a free gift when they write a review of your store? Offering discounts for those customers who “check-in” when they shop with you is a great way of receiving customers in-store while supporting your online presence. 

Quick Tips
  • Link to your social media - On your website have links to your email and social media pages for ease of access.

  • Post visual content - Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without.

  • Show your products - It’s handy for customers and builds interest in your stock.
  • Tell your customers about your Facebook page when they are in-store,or print little takeaway cards including the web address so they can find you.

  • Keep your page regularly updated and your content current.