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Keep things quick with Kounta and Collect

If you run a hospitality business, you'll know the importance of quick customer transactions. You're busy, you have a line of hungry/thirsty customers, and your staff are doing a million things - from taking orders, serving food, clearing tables, and most importantly, making sure customers are happy and loving your food/drinks and friendly service. Here at Collect, we are all about making things easier for you at point-of-sale, and that's why we integrated with Kounta point-of-sale.

Kounta is a flexible and scalable online point-of-sale software system, that's quick to get started, easy to use, powerful enough to run any store, and that's why we thought it was the perfect fit for Collect.

The integration works to help you collect customer details and award loyalty points automatically, without worrying about slowing the customer transaction down. It's all baked in, so you simply carry out a normal transaction in Kounta, lodging the sale against the customer. The customer is added to your database and invited to complete their profile - giving you more information. And, when it comes to redeeming rewards, that's quick too...

kounta point of sale + collect

After all, the key to a successful business is happy customers. And, the smoother you can make the sale at the counter, the more enjoyable the experience. Plus, you can spend more time focusing on delivering yummy food and great service that knocks your customers' socks off!  Not to mention, you'll be collecting powerful insight on your customers' purchase preferences and have the ability to market to them and turn them into loyal customers.

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