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How to do holiday marketing like the big guys

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There’s nothing better than putting a smile on your customers’ faces. If your customers leave your store with a smile, they are more likely to come back. No matter what your size, you can bring the holiday spirit to your customers in creative ways. Let’s take a look at this example from Airline giant – WestJet, and see what we can learn from them.

Before boarding a flight, passengers were asked by a 'Live' Santa what they wanted for the holidays. Then, a team of 150 WestJetters scrambled to get the perfect  gift bought, wrapped and put on the luggage conveyer belt, ready for the unsuspecting passengers when they landed, bringing laughter and tears of happiness.


3 things we can learn from WestJet's campaign


- Surprise and delight

Did you see the unsuspecting customers’ genuine joy at the surprise of receiving a gift? Of course you did! Even if some of those customers were first-time flyers with WestJet, they just formed an instant emotional connection with the brand. Next time they are booking a flight, guess what airline will pop into their heads first!

Why not give this whirl, on a smaller scale?

-Perhaps, slipping a little ‘enjoy the holidays’ note into their shopping bag.

-Giving a small gift at the counter? Even a candy cane with a cute ribbon tied around it.

-Remember how fun lucky-dips were as a kid? If you have low-cost/low-margin excess stock, wrap it up and let shoppers reach in for a little surprise after making a purchase.

- If you have your loyalty program on Collect, send out a special offer to your customer database. How about inviting your VIPs to an in-store holiday shopping party?


- Channel their inner child with a bit of magic

How cute were the purple santa suites? And, all the holiday decorations on the luggage conveyor belt, absolutely oozing happy, festive vibes?

Bring your store to life with holiday music, decorations, and have some fun with your window display. Get in the spirit and have some fun! And, don’t underestimate the power of a good holiday themed window display – it will invite shoppers in for a closer look.


- Create lasting memories

Not only did WestJet create an amazing experience for the unsuspecting customers, but they captured the moments on camera, taking photos for the families to take away and treasure.

You’ve put all that effort into your amazing holiday decorations, why not encourage customers to capture the moment? Reward them for posting a photo of themselves shopping in your beautifully decorated store to Instagram #holidayshoppingfun. If you have your loyalty program on Collect, you can set points rewarding members for sharing on Instagram and get your customers to do it from the Collect member app.


Do you have any ideas to spread the holiday joy to your customers?