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Bird On A Wire is flying to new heights

Bird On A Wire is a delicious destination for the best free-range rotisserie chook and seasonal salads Auckland has to offer. Set up by friends who wanted to bring the notion of a local 'chicken shop' to Auckland, New Zealand, they are becoming notorious for their tasty goodness and authentic, friendly vibe. While they are busy filling their customers bellies with goodness, they are working hard to create an authentic community feel at Bird On A Wire, treating every customer like a friend, over for a family dinner.

The guys at Bird On A Wire are flying to new heights, using smart solutions to grow their business, with the guidance of the helpful folk at The Cloud Lounge. With Vend POS, Mobi2go online and mobile ordering, and Collect, they’ve got their business humming.

Ben says “the best thing for us about having all three solutions, is that individually, the systems do a great job. They all talk to one another and can be readily managed from each point-of-sale in our shops. It helps to create a meaningful pool of information on our customers and sales patterns.”

So, what were you looking for in a loyalty and marketing solution?

“We looked around for a while to find a smart loyalty system to better engage our customers and replace our more traditional stamp cards and although there a few out there, Collect was the natural fit. It had more advanced and clever functionality than the others, and had been designed to work in with Vend, our existing POS software.”

How are you finding Collect?

“We actively promote it to all of our customers in the shops and visitors to our website, with a generous sign-up reward. It has created a significant number of new customers and gives us a tool to communicate and engage directly with them, which we believe will ultimately drive better results for the business.”

Bird On A Wire have made their loyalty program on Collect their own, and grown their loyal customer database to 3140 members, with huge success. They let us in on their secrets...

Everyone at Bird On A Wire backs it. “All our fantastic staff are behind our loyalty program. We make sure everyone knows how it works, what our rewards are, how to add a customer and how to redeem a reward - which is really easy. One thing that has worked really well for us, is that the staff ask every customer, ‘do you want to join our loyalty program to get our bonus reward’, at POS. And all the staff are pretty excited about it, so their enthusiasm catches on to the customers, so most customers join.”
bird on a wire staff collect rewards  loyalty program

Out of their 3140 members, a whooping 2550 members have completed profiles. Meaning, they have followed Bird On A Wire’s member confirmation email and completed their member account to unlock a Bonus Reward, giving Bird On A Wire more insight on who their customers are.

“The bonus reward for signing up is really cool as it creates a compelling reason for people to get on board, and for them to immediately try your product. For our initial push, we promoted the system heavily through our social media channels and gave people enough points to redeem half a chicken, which was enough to get people pretty excited and also gave us an opportunity to showcase our key offering”
“To make the member sign-up process smooth from end-to-end, we customized our auto member confirm email that goes out when a customer gets added to our POS. We added our banner, with our branding, and customized the messaging to make it our own. We kept the message simple, straight to the point, and exciting - giving them a reason to complete their profile. Of course, the free half a chicken helped with that.”  


Bird On A Wire also got creative with ways they could capture new sign-ups outside of the store.

“For us, it was super important to engage with our customers online, as we get a lot of online orders and that is a large part of our marketing focus. We had our web guys create a little pop-up box that fed people immediately to our Collect page, so new members can claim the bonus reward, and also get an idea for the other rewards and how easy it is for them to use. It's ideal for us that they can sign up for the system, and then come into the shop for the first time and are already a customer on our POS.”

We have over 10,000 likes on Facebook, so we also created a cool little Facebook tab, where our fans can join our loyalty program and check their points balances and rewards. It’s just another way we can make our loyalty program visible to customers and Facebook fans.”

So, what’s your take away tip for creating a successful loyalty program?
You can’t have a loyalty program without giving something back to your customers. Without customers, there is no business. So, the best way to keep them coming back is to say thank you every now and again. And, the best way to say thank you is with your loyalty program - because you can track the success of rewards and connect with your customers. So, the key to a successful loyalty program, is putting lots of thought into your rewards. We think we have pretty cool rewards, and so do our customers. We’ve had 795 redemptions so far, and our customers keep coming back to unlock more. Our best customers visit between 10 and 20 times a month.”


 Want to create a successful loyalty program for your store? Try Collect for free. Or get in touch with us for a chat today.